1. “Practical Advice for Senior Gardeners” from the Medford Mail Tribune  Homelife Magazine.  Review of a new book about how to continue gardening into old age, interspersed with insights from local gardeners.

2. “Newly Retired Teachers and the International Schools.” Transitions Abroad is an online journal for intrepid travelers and people looking to live and work abroad. This survey article explains how to obtain overseas teaching jobs and it arose from my experiences working as a librarian in the international schools in Russia, Dubai, and Thailand.

Transitions Abroad PDF/ May 2010

3. “Over 40 and Over the Hill: Backpacking Seniors is a Growing Trend.” Published in a  free local magazine aimed at passionate walkers and hikers. The story of Ginny Benware, who decided to give herself a 60th birthday present and hike all 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Walkabout PDF/ October 2010.

4. “It’s Just a Number: Older Women Take to the Trail.” Pacific Crest Trail Communicator is the magazine of the PCT Association. Another version of Ginny Benware’s hiking marathon.

PCT Communicator PDF/ March 2011

5. Paperback Romance Series Roundup. For three years as a school librarian, I was a paid reviewer for literally hundreds of the paperback series romances then flooding the market (1985-1987). This is a sample of one of my many book review roundup columns.

School Library Journal PDF/ April 1987

6. Gresham Outlook Boom! Boomers & Beyond. Profile of Patty Cassidy, well-known local expert on gardening with the elderly. Profile of how Internet serendipity led her into a full time gardening career and a new book, one of the Oregonian’s ‘Top 10 Garden Books of 2011.”

Gresham Outlook PDF/ June 2012

7. “Bratislava, the New Capital of Cool.” Travel guide to an up and coming Central European city from material gathered in a May 2013 trip. Published in an online guide for travelers passionate about Europe or those planning a trip.

8. “Memories of Communist-era Prague.” Reminiscence from 45 years ago of a very different city from the glitzy tourist paradise of today.

9. “Warm Yourself in the Thermal Baths of Budapest.” Description of the Turkish bath experience in Hungary, which must not be missed. Also includes a quick roundup of two other great thermal bath cultures, Russia and Japan.

10. “The Darker Side of Vienna.” Summary of the city’s more complex history and visible reminders of her violent, morbid, and anti-Semitic past.

11. “An Expat Returns to Vienna”. How to be a tourist in Vienna and avoid the crowds using advice and insider hints from a former resident.

12. “Carpe Diem: Seize the Day and Travel Now!” Encouragement to stop postponing travel plans, because you may end up with regrets instead of memories.

13. “Top Ten Reasons to Visit Russia.” Let’s start with the main one and that is Mother Russia is never dull!

14. “Florence: Powering Through Five Museums in a Day.” Detailed plan to get acquainted with this Renaissance treasure, including gelato stops.